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Become an ID Advocate:
Join the Member Advocacy Program

As ID and HIV experts, your members of Congress need to hear from you about the role that federal programs, policies and funding play in supporting local, federal and global efforts to track, prevent, diagnose and treat infectious diseases. Clinicians, researchers and public health professionals are a trusted source for information and have valuable insights for policymakers.

As a part of the Member Advocacy Program, you will advocate with your colleagues with support from IDSA and HIVMA on issues that impact the ID and HIV landscape, develop relationships with key stakeholders on the Hill and directly contribute to IDSA’s and HIVMA’s influence over important pieces of legislation.

Participants in the MAP will be able to progress from advocacy Allies to Champions, unlocking more ways to connect with IDSA and HIVMA and engage in advocacy and policy work.


IDSA and HIVMA members who are new to advocacy or have participated in one or two actions per year.

•    Benefits: Invitations to exclusive policy and advocacy webinars and trainings. 
•    How to advance to a higher tier: Respond to action alerts through emails and IDSA’s and HIVMA’s Action Center to advance to the Advocates tier.  

IDSA and HIVMA MAP members who have more consistently participated in IDSA and HIVMA advocacy by regularly responding to action alerts.    

•    Benefits: Preference for roles on IDSA/HIVMA policy and advocacy committees and for IDSA/HIVMA policy and advocacy speaking engagements, as well as the benefits from the Allies tier. 
•    How to advance to a higher tier: Continue to respond to action alerts, participate in IDSA/HIVMA meetings with lawmakers and join other IDSA/HIVMA advocacy opportunities to advance to the Champions tier.

IDSA and HIVMA MAP members who have consistently responded to action alerts, participated in IDSA and HIVMA congressional meetings and other activities.  

•    Benefits: All opportunities included in the other tiers, plus a special Champions newsletter, preference for high-level advocacy opportunities like congressional briefings, additional opportunities to engage with IDSA leaders and staff, and more.

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