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Global Health

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IDSA prioritizes promoting sufficient US investment in global infectious diseases responses and research, and in using the voices of physician scientists to inform multilateral and national global health policies. IDSA is a trusted leader in shaping and advancing international and national policies and investments in global HIV, TB, health security and antimicrobial resistance.


House FY 2020 Appropriations Respond to Most Infectious Disease and HIV Realities
With increased funds for important federal programs and interventions responding to infectious diseases and HIV, the health, foreign operations, and defense spending bill for fiscal year 2020 passed by the House of Representatives Wednesday reflects an understanding of a broad scope of public health threats at home and around the world, and of the resources needed to address them.
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Cross-Border Spread of DCR Ebola Outbreak Calls for Immediate, Ongoing Responses
Uganda health officials’ confirmation today of Ebola virus among family members who travelled from the Democratic Republic of Congo brings with it the realization of a concern that has been noted since the August 2018 recognition of the current outbreak.
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IDSA Floor Statement for World Health Assembly 72 on Health, Environment, and Climate Change
IDSA floor statement for World Health Assembly 72 on health, environment, and climate change.
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IDSA Floor Statement for World Health Assembly 72 on TB and AMR
IDSA floor statement for World Health Assembly 72 on TB and antimicrobial resistance.
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Spending Bill Recognizes Crucial Global Health Goals
The 2019 spending bill passed by the House and Senate Thursday that the President has announced he will sign, reflects a meaningful commitment to moving our country forward and to continued U.S. leadership of the fight against the world’s most devastating infectious disease killers. 
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Congress Recognizes Value of PEPFAR with Reauthorization; Funding Increases will be Critical
The Senate's approval reauthorizing PEPFAR acknowledges the program's role in reversing the trajectory of the AIDS pandemic and boosting responses against ID worldwide.
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IDSA Urges Strengthened U.S. Leadership of Global Health Security Agenda 11/6/2018
As Global Health Security Agenda partners meet in Indonesia this week to commit to their next steps in improving epidemic readiness worldwide, the Infectious Diseases Society of America is asking the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to strengthen its leadership of efforts through the partnership.
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Bills Support Crucial Public, Global Health, and Research Priorities


World Bank, IMF must Focus on Global Health Funding and Capacity 4/20/2018
The Infectious Diseases Society of America appreciates the attention that the World Bank and International Monetary Fund will give to critical global health issues during their spring meetings and civil society forum.
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House Testimony on Global Health Programs 4/20/2018
IDSA urges for increased funding for State Department and USAID global health programs in this testimony submitted to the House Appropriations Committee. 
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Hank Tomlinson, Ph.D. to Lead CDC’s Global HIV and TB Efforts at Critical Time 4/18/2018
The U.S. government response to the global impacts of HIV and tuberculosis is poised at a pivotal moment, in which we can seize the opportunity to end these devastating pandemics, or watch progress erode, infections increase, and our effective treatments compromised by growing drug resistance. 
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PEPFAR report serves as a beacon and a warning 4/12/2018
The 2018 Annual Report to Congress released by the United States President’s
Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) tells a story of remarkable progress and opportunity. Click here to read more. 

Statement on World Health Day 04/20/2018
On World Health Day, the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the
HIV Medicine Association appreciate the global leadership of the United States
in responding to infectious disease threats that know no boundaries.
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Click here for IDSA/HIVMA Global Impact: 2018 and Beyond.

Statement on World TB Day 03/23/2018
Commemoration of World TB Day finds us at a promising but pivotal moment. Advances in diagnostic tools, medications, and treatment regimens are offering significant improvements to detect, treat and control tuberculosis. Click here to read more. 

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