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IDSA: Florida is Putting Children in Harm’s Way with New Vaccination Policy

The Infectious Diseases Society of America strongly opposes the state of Florida’s decision to put politics over the health and safety of children. The Florida Surgeon General’s decision to recommend against COVID-19 vaccination for healthy children flies in the face of the best medical guidance and only serves to further sow distrust in vaccines that have proven to be the safest, most effective defense against severe COVID-19 disease, hospitalization and death. 

The decision to recommend against the COVID-19 vaccine for children is disturbing, especially given the Food and Drug Administration’s authorization of the vaccine for children as young as five based on data showing it is highly effective preventing hospitalization and death in that age group. 

Pediatric vaccines are one of the great public health achievements of our time. They keep children from getting sick and dying from not only COVID-19, but also diseases such as measles, tetanus, whooping cough and rotavirus.

Vaccinating eligible children against COVID-19 not only protects them, but it also protects their classmates, friends and vulnerable family members from a virus that has left nearly 1 million people in the United States dead in its two-year wake.

Daniel P. McQuillen, MD, FIDSA – President, Infectious Diseases Society of America

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