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Volunteer Opportunities

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New and Improved Opportunities to Channel Your Expertise

In 2023, IDSA adopted an updated volunteer structure to ensure that our governance aligns with our strategic plan and that individuals who volunteer are empowered to do their best work. Our goal is to build volunteer opportunities that are accessible and meaningful, and enhance our collective impact on the field of ID.

The new structure, which took effect in October 2023, will enable the Society to be nimbler and quickly act on new opportunities in the ID profession and health care arena. This will allow our leaders and volunteers to make timely decisions that impact our patients and profession. The changes will provide more meaningful opportunities and allow us to bring more members into our volunteer model through groups such as Communities of Practice and Interest Groups that represent members who share a common role, interest or passion. It will also create more short-term and less time-consuming opportunities that allow our busy members to participate in ways that are practical to them.

In 2023 IDSA focused on finding roles for all of our current volunteers within the new structure. We will return to our usual practice of issuing a call to all members for open and new volunteer opportunities in 2024.

You can also track all of IDSA’s current volunteer opportunities here.  If you have questions, please contact Tari McDermand.



Why did we change the volunteer structure and opportunities?

To make IDSA a stronger and more successful organization by:
•    Aligning critical volunteer and staff resources with the strategic priorities of the Society.
•    Being more mindful of your capacity and the increased constraints on your time post-pandemic.
•    Providing more meaningful volunteer opportunities that are aligned to your interests and preferences.
•    Enabling the Society to quickly act on new opportunities in the ID profession and health care arena and make timely decisions for impact on our patients and profession.
•    Leveraging diverse expertise within the profession in alignment with our IDA&E priorities.
•    Engaging a new generation of leaders to guide us into the future.

 Why did IDSA decide to review the volunteer structure now?

•    In 2019, the IDSA Board of Directors approved the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan. We’ve made significant progress advancing our strategic initiatives while growing our brand and influence through a robust response to COVID-19. This was an ideal time to ensure the work of our volunteers aligns with the strategic plan.
•    The rate of change is rapidly increasing in the ID field. We need to ensure our volunteer structure is nimble to adapt to these changes.
•    In light of the increased workload of ID professionals since the pandemic began, IDSA is mindful of the capacity of our members and is working to provide more meaningful and less time-consuming volunteer opportunities through a leaner structure.

How will a new volunteer structure engage more members and align with our inclusion, diversity, access and equity initiatives?

•    IDSA’s new volunteer structure will include more issue-oriented opportunities that will operate on a time-sensitive basis, providing IDSA members with more opportunities to volunteer on a short-term basis — and on issues that have real-time impact.
•    A larger number of short-term opportunities opens up our volunteer network to a wider pool of candidates, allowing us to recruit a more diverse group of volunteers who represent the makeup of our membership.
•    A more nimble volunteer structure will allow IDSA to more easily harness the energy and talents of new professionals and under-represented groups that have not traditionally been involved in IDSA’s leadership, as well as members who may not have the time or desire to commit to a three-year term on a committee.

How was the volunteer review conducted?

•    A Board task force was established in October 2022 to guide and oversee the review.
•    We gathered input from a diverse group of stakeholders — members, IDSA leaders, current and past volunteers, and staff to determine the best structure for IDSA’s needs — through surveys, interviews and small group meetings.
•    We researched best practices of other organizations
•    The task force synthesized all the input and learnings to present final recommendations to the IDSA Board in June 2023. 

What will happen to current committees and task forces?

•    Task forces are of finite duration and limited scope. The current task forces will continue without impact until their charges are completed.
•    New  committees, subcommittees and other standing volunteer groups began their terms in October 2023.
•    Volunteers whose terms expired in October 2023 rolled off their volunteer groups as usual unless they were requested to extend their term for continuity purposes.
•    For the 2023-2024 appointment year, IDSA focused on finding roles for all of our current volunteers within the new structure; thus we temporarily suspended the typical open “call for volunteers.” 
•    We will return to our usual practice of issuing a call to all members for open volunteer opportunities in 2024. However, there may be fewer openings than usual on standing committees as newly appointed members are allowed to complete their full terms. This is to ensure continuity, role clarity and time for everyone to adjust to the new structure.
•    Currently available volunteer opportunities both within and outside of serving in the new governance structure, are still listed here: current volunteer opportunities

Who should I contact if I have questions?

•    Contact Tari McDermand, IDSA Senior Governance Manager.

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