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ID Physician Compensation Initiative


ID Physician Compensation Resources

IDSA has launched these exclusive member tools focused on compensation related topics and negotiation strategies. Find out how to negotiate for your compensation and access exclusive benefits by logging in here or become a member to access compensation tools.

Compensation Negotiation Playbook

Strategies and tools for ID physician compensation negotiations.

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Value-Based Arrangements Guide

Linking merit to compensation.

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ID Compensation Conversations Webinar Series

Part of IDSA’s Physician Compensation Initiative, the ID Compensation Conversations Webinar Series is designed to help ID physicians learn the fundamentals of physician compensation and apply proven strategies to strengthen their negotiation position. Each webinar will feature experts in the field of physician compensation and value-based contracting and will provide an opportunity to ask questions and engage with colleagues.


The Problem: Compensation is a Major Issue Facing the ID Physician Workforce

The disparity in compensation that exists for ID compared to other specialties in medicine in the United States has come into stark light during the pandemic, when ID physicians have been called upon to do more—and often with less.

IDSA physician compensation data, coupled with national multispecialty surveys such as MGMA, AMGA and Sullivan Cotter, have found that ID lags behind nearly all specialties in medicine. While a variety of specialties have experienced higher rates of compensation growth over the last five years, ID physician compensation has been relatively flat over variety of compensation metrics compared to other specialties.


Physician Compensation Initiative

In 2020, the IDSA Board of Directors established a Compensation Strike Team, charged with developing a strategy and implementation plan for increasing ID physician compensation as a key component of IDSA’s Strategic Plan.

Using these findings and understanding that growing our value and ensuring adequate compensation will be an important step to help facilitate the growth and development of the ID workforce to meet existing and emerging needs, IDSA launched the Physician Compensation Initiative that aims to achieve two overarching goals:

  • Physician Negotiation Education & Training: Develop a physician education and training campaign to equip IDSA members to be their own advocate, incorporating negotiation tools and a repository of informational resources aimed at increasing physician compensation
  • Expand the Value-Based Contracting Strategy: Supplement ID-specific national and regional value-based contract participation advocacy with locally focused efforts at the hospital, diagnosis-related group-specific panel, and population levels

To implement this effort, a Compensation Task Force, composed of ID physicians from a representative array of settings, was convened to implement the Strike Team’s Recommendations.

Articles on the Value of ID Physicians

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