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Society Awards

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The IDSA Society Awards celebrate the impactful accomplishments of your fellow IDSA members for their incredible work that can be seen locally and around the globe. Individuals are nominated by their peers and awarded by the Society Awards committee and Board of Directors each year. Awards are presented at IDWeek

How to Submit a Nomination

Nominations are encouraged across the diversity of professional focus within the field of ID as well as all who work in it; the awards are designed to reflect and celebrate our field. Nominations are open through April 5, 2024. Complete a nomination form— The online form includes a space for a statement from the primary nominator summarizing the seminal contributions, quality, and impact of the nominee’s work (500-word limit).

Secondary nominations— Nominations require at least one seconding statement of support from an active IDSA member. 1-3 supporting secondary statements can be submitted though the online nomination form (250-word limit).

Upload supporting documents - All nominations require a current copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae. A copy of the award nominee’s NIH Biosketch is required for lifetime achievement awards (e.g., The Alexander Fleming Award for Lifetime Achievement, D.A. Henderson Award for Outstanding Contributions to Public Health, The Watanakunakorn Clinician Award and The Walter E. Stamm Mentor Award)., optional for all other awards.


Award nominees, primary nominators, and at least one secondary nominator must be active members of IDSA in good standing (with the exception of the recipient of the Anthony Fauci Courage in Leadership Award).

Members currently serving on the IDSA Board of Directors or the IDSA Society Awards Committee are not eligible to be nominated.

Past Alexander Fleming Award Winners are not eligible to receive other Society Awards.

Individuals who have previously won a particular award are not eligible to win that award again. They may, however, be nominated in a different award category.

Self-nominations are not permitted.

IDSA Society Awards 


Anthony Fauci Courage in Leadership Award (new for 2023)

As NAID Director from 1984 to 2022, Dr. Anthony Fauci oversaw an extensive research portfolio of basic and applied research that was used to prevent, diagnose, and treat established infectious diseases. This award is given in recognition of the values and attributes that Dr. Fauci has exhibited throughout his career, including courage in leadership in speaking scientific truth, perseverance in the face of opposition, and serving as a change agent for healthcare and patients around the world.

This award celebrates individuals who inspire and encourage others to make a difference and is awarded to a person who has demonstrated courage in leadership, a commitment to promoting scientific integrity, advocating for sound science, and advancing the field of infectious disease at their institutions or in their local, national, or global communities.

This award can be granted to both members and non-members, and nominations are encouraged across national and international communities.

View the 2023 Anthony Fauci Courage in Leadership Award Winner 

Alexander Fleming Award

The Alexander Fleming Award for Lifetime Achievement recognizes an IDSA member or fellow for a career that reflects major contributions to the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge about infectious diseases.

Alexander Fleming (1881-1955) was a Scottish biologist, pharmacologist, and Nobel laureate. He is best known for his serendipitous discovery of the antibiotic substance penicillin, which revolutionized the field of medicine and saved countless lives. Fleming's groundbreaking research laid the foundation for the development of modern antibiotics and his work continues to have a profound impact on the field of medicine to this day.

View the 2023 Alexander Fleming Award Winner & Past Recipients

D.A. Henderson Award

The D.A. Henderson Award for Outstanding Contributions to Public Health recognizes a lifetime of achievement in public health. Dr. Henderson’s role in leading the successful eradication of smallpox will stand forever as a shining example of the profound impact that infectious disease physicians and scientists can have in preventing disease and relieving human suffering. By naming this award in his honor we hope to inspire others to become champions for public health throughout the world.

D.A. Henderson (1928-2016) was an American physician, epidemiologist, and public health expert. He is widely regarded as a hero in the global eradication of smallpox, leading the World Health Organization's smallpox eradication campaign from 1966 to 1977. Henderson's strategic leadership and tireless efforts resulted in the successful eradication of smallpox, marking one of the greatest achievements in public health history.

View the 2023 D.A. Henderson Award Winner & Past Recipients

Watanakunakorn Clinician Award

Named to honor the memory of Dr. Chatrchai Watanakunakorn, this award is given annually to an IDSA member or fellow in recognition of outstanding achievement in the clinical practice of infectious diseases.

Dr. Chatrchai Watanakunakorn (1935-2001) was a prominent Thai-American infectious disease specialist who has made significant contributions to the field of medicine. His research and expertise focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various infectious diseases, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Dr. Watanakunakorn's work has greatly influenced clinical practice and patient care, earning him recognition and admiration within the medical community.

View the 2023 Watanakunakorn Clinician Award Winner & Past Recipients

Walter E. Stamm Mentor Award

Named to honor the late IDSA Past President Walter E. Stamm, MD, FIDSA, this award recognizes individuals who have served as exemplary mentors. It is presented to an IDSA member or fellow who has been exceptional in guiding the professional growth of infectious diseases professionals.

Walter E. Stamm (1945-2009) was an esteemed American physician and researcher known not only for his groundbreaking work in infectious diseases and urology but also for his exceptional mentorship in the field. Throughout his career, Stamm guided and inspired numerous young scientists and medical professionals, imparting his knowledge and fostering their growth. His mentorship has had a profound and lasting impact, shaping the next generation of researchers and clinicians dedicated to advancing healthcare and combating infectious diseases.

View the 2023 Walter E. Stamm Mentor Award Winner & Past Recipients

Oswald Avery Award for Early Achievement

The Oswald Avery Award for Early Achievement recognizes outstanding achievement in an area of infectious diseases by an IDSA member or fellow who is 45 or younger (on December 31 of the year preceding the IDWeek at which the award is given). The award is based on overall achievement, not usually a single study.

Oswald Avery (1877-1955) was an American physician and researcher renowned for his groundbreaking work in genetics and molecular biology. He is best known for his experiments conducted in the 1940s, which demonstrated that DNA carries genetic information and can transfer traits between different organisms. Avery's work laid the foundation for the understanding of DNA as the hereditary material and paved the way for the subsequent discoveries in the field of genetics.

View the 2023 Oswald Avery Award for Early Achievement Winner & Past Recipients

Clinical Practice Innovation Award

The Clinical Practice Innovation Award is given to members who devote the majority of their time to patient care and who have significantly advanced the clinical practice of infectious diseases within the last five years. This may be accomplished through innovation in clinical practice design or management, or advocacy on behalf of IDSA that fosters change to better recognize the value of infectious diseases practice.

View the 2023 Clinical Practice Innovation Award Winner & Past Recipients

Society Citation Award

The Society Citation is a discretionary award given in recognition of exemplary contribution to IDSA, an outstanding discovery in the field of infectious diseases, or a lifetime of outstanding achievement. More than one award may be given each year.

View the 2023 Society Citation Award Winners & Past Recipients

Clinical Teacher Award

The Clinical Teacher Award honors a career involved in teaching clinical infectious diseases to fellows, residents, or medical students and recognizes excellence as a clinician and motivation to teach the next generation.

View the 2023 Clinical Teacher Award Winner & Past Recipients

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