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COVID-19 Advocacy & Public Safety Information

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Funding/Congressional Response Legislation

  1. Joint Letter Urging another COVID Funding  Bill
  2. IDSA and partner societies urge Congress to fund global vaccination and ongoing domestic therapeutic, testing and vaccine needs.

  3. IDSA Comments RE Healthy Future Task Force RFI (1/31/22)                 IDSA submitted comments in response to a request for information (RFI) from the Healthy Future Task Force Security Subcommittee including recommendations on pandemic preparedness, public health, and supply chain issues.

  4. American Rescue Plan Overview
    Hart Health Strategies summary of resources provided in the latest COVID-19 bill.                                                                                      COVID-19 Rescue Package
    IDSA and HIVMA urge Congress to provide new funding to COVID-19 vaccination, testing, treatments and medical supplies, including in congregate settings.
  5. FY21 COVID-19 Bill Itemized 
    A summary of how IDSA and HIVMA priorities fared in the joint FY 2021 Federal Funding and Coronavirus Relief Bill.
  6. Urgent Action Needed Before the End of the Year on COVID-19 Relief Package
    IDSA, HIVMA and the George Counts Interest Group urge Congress to pass COVID-19 response legislation before the end of the year, including much needed resources for widespread, equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.
  7. Priorities for Next COVID-19 Response Legislation, 7/24/20
    IDSA and HIVMA outline key issues for the next Congressional COVID-19 response bill.
  8. Priorities for Next COVID-19 Response Bill, 7/13/20
    IDSA and HIVMA list priorities for Congress as it develops CARES Act follow-up legislation.

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