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April 1, 2020


IDSA to Form COVID-19 Rapid Guidelines Expert Panel

IDSA has been working to ensure our members and the larger infectious diseases community have the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions related to COVID-19. However, as the pandemic continues, and treatment protocols are beginning to be administered and critically assessed in various settings, IDSA members are reaching out for more guidance.  

To address this need, IDSA is setting plans in motion to develop rapid guidelines on COVID-19 clinical management, infection prevention and diagnostics. The guidelines will include clear and informative summaries of the literature and expert-generated recommendations for care on the topics most pressing to the ID clinical community. Once developed, they will be updated on a continual basis as the literature continues to mature and recommendations require updating. This work will be done under the leadership of a COVID-19 Rapid Guidelines Expert Panel. Follow IDSA News, social media and other communications for updates.

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