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Journal Club

February 20, 2019


Apply to Serve on IDSA Board of Directors

IDSA is seeking volunteers to apply to serve on the Board of Directors. The success of our Society is dependent upon members who volunteer their time to serve in leadership positions. Specifically, we are asking for applicants for the office of Vice President (who becomes President-Elect the following year, President the third year, and Past President the fourth year), Secretary (who serves a three-year term), and three positions on the Board of Directors (who serve three-year terms).

Find more information regarding the desired qualifications and position descriptions here. Considerable weight will be given to past IDSA related activity in selecting candidates for director and officer positions. The selection process will keep our goals of inclusion, diversity, access and equity top of mind. Our definition of diversity is broad and includes race/ethnicity, gender, work setting, region, member degree, professional activity, and key areas of expertise, among other factors.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, Feb. 26. This is an important way that you as an individual member can participate in and/or influence the Society's activities. Please consider applying.

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