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June 12, 2019


IDSA & HIVMA Launch Release 2.0 Website Design and were both recently updated to improve site usability and appearance for our members and visitors. Since the launch of the newly redesigned website in Sept 2018, we've made tweaks and adjustments, particularly to the guidelines section, which receives the most visitors. Release 2.0 is the first set of major design updates to the IDSA and HIVMA websites, which include:

  • Updated IDSA & HIVMA Header Designs created to improve usability for all members.
  • New Member Dashboard providing members quick access to member benefits and features after login.
  • Relaunch of the HIVMA HIV Provider Directory, a searchable database that will be available to the public from the HIVMA website. (The directory will be open to the public when a minimum threshold of members has signed up. If you are accepting new patients, please join the directory here.)

Release 2.0.png

To view these updates and learn more, visit: &

We appreciate all feedback and ask that you please send your questions or suggestions to Coran Jallah.



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