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November 13, 2019


Border Conditions are Set Up for Outbreaks, the Value of ID, and More in the News

Forbes spoke with IDSA spokespersons Drs. Betsy Herold, FIDSA, and Mark Travassos on the political battlefield of infections and migrant children’s bodies, an interview based on a recent article and accompanying editorial in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Travassos states, “Before September 2018, no child had died in United States Border Patrol custody in a decade. Since then, seven detained children have died in the past 10 months.” Dr. Herold stresses, “The kinds of conditions that are existing right now at the borders and at other sites are against all guidelines for how to take care of children (and adults as well)—the crowded conditions, poor hygiene, poor sanitation, lack of access to rapid medical care and lack of access to vaccines is all a set up for outbreaks of infectious diseases.” 

Another IDSA journal article, in Open Forum Infectious Diseases, underscoring the value of early ID consultation in reducing sepsis mortality also received significant media coverage.

These are just two of the news pieces that IDSA and our member spokespersons contributed to, in addition to others in the pipeline. Follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook to see the latest news and opinion pieces featuring IDSA, HIVMA and our members.

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