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IDSA Media Briefing: Why Invest in the World Health Organization?

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A media briefing with experts from the Infectious Diseases Society of America to discuss coronavirus and COVID-19 developments and answer questions.

Topical Agenda for June 12 Briefing:
The need for a coordinated global response to battle the COVID-19 pandemic
- Why is the WHO’s role in coronavirus response important to the United States?
- As the pandemic continues through countries that are not well-resourced, what are infectious diseases experts worried about?
- How will a decrease in WHO funding affect public health in the United States?
- Questions from media

Charles Holmes, MD, MPH—Washington, DC
Member—Infectious Diseases Society of America
Director, Georgetown University Center for Innovation in Global Health
Professor of Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine

Kwan Kew Lai, MD, DMD—Boston, MA
Emeritus Fellow—Infectious Diseases Society of America
Infectious Diseases Physician, Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians

Chris Busky, CAE (Moderator)
Chief Executive Officer—Infectious Diseases Society of America

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