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Measles and Misinformation: The Impact on Public Health

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A media briefing with experts from the Infectious Diseases Society of America to discuss U.S. measles outbreaks and driving factors behind them. 

•    Short- and long-term health impacts of infection
•    Protecting infants and young children 
•    Misinformation and outbreaks

Joshua Barocas, MD – University of Colorado School of Medicine
Member—Infectious Diseases Society of America
Associate Professor of Medicine, Divisions of General Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases
Director, Social Determinants of Health and Disparities Modeling Unit

Sarah Lim, MD – Minnesota Department of Health
Member,  Public Policy and Advocacy Committee—Infectious Diseases Society of America
Medical Specialist, Minnesota Department of Health

Chris Busky, CAE (Moderator) 
Chief Executive Officer—Infectious Diseases Society of America

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