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June 12, 2019

Cross-Border Spread of DCR Ebola Outbreak Calls for Immediate, Ongoing Responses

Uganda health officials’ confirmation today of Ebola virus among family members who travelled from the Democratic Republic of Congo brings with it the realization of a concern that has been noted since the August 2018 recognition of the current outbreak. The cross border spread of the virus also brings mounting challenges that demand an immediate strengthened and sustained response.

Confirmation of the virus in two countries already grappling with health resource deficits, along with concurrent outbreaks of other infectious and deadly diseases that include measles, demonstrate the potential for further impacts from this outbreak, as well as of continued spread across national borders. A shortfall of $28 million to the regional emergency response fund further compromises responses at a critical time.

Continued U.S. leadership of global health security efforts will be essential to gaining control over this growing crisis. The Infectious Diseases Society of America and its HIV Medicine Association call upon the administration to invest in appropriate and immediate responses to the current outbreak and urge Congress to provide a minimum of $172.5 million for USAID’s global health security efforts and $208.2 million for the CDC Center for Global Health Division of Global Health Protection in funding for the coming year. We stand ready to lend guidance and support to the efforts that will be pivotal in the months ahead.

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