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IDSA Statement in Support of Anthony Fauci, M.D., FIDSA

As 12,000 medical doctors, research scientists and public health experts on the front lines of COVID-19, the infectious diseases community will not be silenced nor sidelined amidst a global pandemic. Reports of a campaign to discredit and diminish the role of Dr. Fauci at this perilous moment are disturbing.

Despite the nation’s vast resources and abilities, more than 135,000 people in America have died from COVID-19 – more than any other country, and the numbers keep rising. Every day now brings a new high in the number of newly infected people and deaths. This is a full-blown crisis unlike any America has ever faced and it needs to be treated as such.   

The only way out of this pandemic is by following the science, and developing evidence-based prevention practices and treatment protocols as new scientifically rigorous data become available.  Knowledge changes over time. That is to be expected.

If we have any hope of ending this crisis, all of America must support public health experts, including Dr. Fauci, and stand with science.

-IDSA President Thomas File, Jr., M.D., MSc, FIDSA

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