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IDSA Thanks Retiring Clinical Infectious Diseases Editors

As the term of Robert T. Schooley, MD, FIDSA, as editor-in-chief of Clinical Infectious Diseases ends, the Infectious Diseases Society of America wishes to thank him and all members of his editorial board for their extraordinary work as journal and Society leaders.

Dr. Schooley officially took office as editor-in-chief of CID in 2017, alongside a talented group of deputy, associate and section editors. Together, the new editors recruited a growing number of submissions and a steadily increasing number of citations to CID.

Then, in 2020, CID witnessed the enormous impacts of SARS-CoV-2 on the infectious diseases profession and the world. Submissions to CID surged; by the end of the year, they were nearly triple the number received in 2019. The editors worked to expedite review of all COVID-19 papers, to ensure that critical information needed by clinicians and scientists would reach them as soon as possible. At the same time, the CID editors were committed to upholding CID’s rigorous standards of quality peer review. To keep up with these compounding demands, the editors worked long hours on top of the long hours demanded by their day-to-day jobs on the front lines of the pandemic.

The quality of their work is apparent in any metric you consider. CID was the most cited infectious diseases journal in 2020 and 2021, with 89,276 citations and 115,949 citations in those years. Thirty-five papers published in 2020 have had more than 100 citations. In 2021, the journal published 1,389 papers, with 42 being “Highly Cited Papers” and 7 classified by Web of Science as “Hot Papers.” In 2022, CID’s impact factor increased to an all-time high of 20.999.

CID readership also increased by 49% in 2020 and remained 30% above 2019 levels in 2021. CID papers have had immediate impact on public health decisions made at the national and local level.

IDSA is grateful to all of the retiring editors at CID for their extraordinary contributions to the journal and to every IDSA member and infectious diseases professional who has relied on CID both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Robert T. Schooley, MD, FIDSA, Editor-in-Chief

Constance A. Benson, MD, FIDSA, Deputy Editor

Kathryn M. Edwards, MD, FIDSA, Deputy Editor

David N. Fredricks, MD, FIDSA, Deputy Editor

Elizabeth Connick, MD, FIDSA, Associate Editor

Vance Fowler, MD, MHS, FIDSA, Associate Editor

Ajit P. Limaye, MD, FIDSA, Associate Editor

Barbara E. Murray, MD, Associate Editor

Susanna Naggie, MD, MHS, FIDSA, Associate Editor

Peter G. Pappas, MD, Associate Editor

Robin Patel, MD, FIDSA, Associate Editor

David L. Paterson, MD, PhD, Associate Editor

William A. Petri, MD, PhD, FIDSA, Associate Editor

Stephanie N. Taylor, MD, Associate Editor

Gary P. Wormser, MD, FIDSA, Special Section Editor

Ellie J.C. Goldstein, MD, FIDSA. Special Section Editor

Robert A. Weinstein, MD, FIDSA, Special Section Editor

David R. Snydman, MD, FIDSA, Special Section Editor

Scott R. Evans, MD, Special Section Editor

Louis D. Saravolatz, MD, FIDSA, Special Section Editor

Stanley Plotkin, MD, FIDSA, Special Section Editor

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