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Monkeypox Public Health Emergency Should Grant Flexibility to Expand Treatment and Vaccine Access

Increased Vaccine Supply, New Funding Are Critical  

IDSA and HIVMA support the Biden Administration’s decision to declare the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency. We are optimistic that the declaration will enable increased access to much-needed treatments and vaccines.

Clinics, providers and public health officials on the front lines in communities across the country have been stymied as they work to address local monkeypox outbreaks without any new resources and with a workforce already severely strained by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

New funding is urgently needed to support states, cities and clinics in providing the intensive care required to diagnose and treat patients with monkeypox and prevent cases from spreading. In addition to an infusion of resources, clear, consistent and streamlined processes for vaccination, testing and treatment are urgently needed.

Engagement with community-based organizations and the populations currently most impacted by the outbreak is critical to ensuring an equitable response and to removing barriers to treatment and vaccine access.  

Every step must be taken to increase our limited vaccine supply as expeditiously as possible, while ensuring the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. In the meantime, in the absence of other preventive measures, we must provide support and resources for people with monkeypox who need to isolate for the two to four weeks that is needed to prevent transmission.

Daniel P. McQuillen, MD, FIDSA – President, Infectious Diseases Society of America

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