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IDSA Statement on 2023 ID Fellowship Match 


IDSA congratulates the more than 300 physicians who have matched into an adult or pediatric infectious diseases fellowship. In addition, the number of adult ID fellowship programs continues to grow, providing more opportunities for physicians to train in this essential specialty.

The doctors who have matched with an ID program have selected a meaningful and vibrant field of medicine that plays an essential role in protecting health for all patients and populations. They are embarking on a career that will allow them to tackle the biggest challenges in health care, such as addressing emerging outbreaks, combatting antimicrobial resistance, improving health equity and managing the effects of climate change.

The shortage of ID physicians persists, in both adult and pediatric ID. IDSA and the ID specialists it represents believe that the ID workforce needs to grow for the nation’s long-term security.

There are many factors that go into a physician’s choice of specialty and practice setting. Doctors who focus on ID face inequitable compensation, the increasing politicization of medicine and challenges from the last three years of combatting a global pandemic. These are complex issues that require solutions forged by the field, policymakers and health system leaders.

IDSA is forcefully advocating for federal policies that alleviate student loans, ensure competitive reimbursement and establish a more diverse workforce. IDSA continues to produce tools that demonstrate ID’s value to hospitals and health systems — both economically and in terms of better health outcomes for patients.

The next generation of ID specialists will make a huge impact on the nation’s health, from playing a vital role in outbreaks and emergencies and caring for underserved communities to advocating for health equity and ensuring that services such as transplants, cancer treatments, medical device implantations and surgeries are safe. IDSA extends a warm welcome to the newest cohort of ID physician trainees to this dynamic and fulfilling field. 

Steven K. Schmitt, MD, FIDSA – President, Infectious Diseases Society of America

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