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University of Rochester

University of Rochester

Infectious Diseases Unit
601 Elmwood Avenue
Box 689
Rochester, NY 14642

Phone: 716 275 5871
Fax: 716 442 9328

Training Program Director

Christine M. Hay MD

Research Interests: Nosocomial infections, hospital epidemiology, and travel medicine

Participating Hospitals

Strong Memorial Hospital : 740
Rochester General : 525
Highland Hospital : 200

Program Training Offerings

How does this program meet the ABIM requirements for training in clinical microbiology?

Didactic LecturesHands-on Experience

The Program provides training in hospital epidemiology through:

Didactic LecturesContinuity Clinic

The Program provides clinical experience for fellows in the following:

Infections in marrow transplantInfections in solid organ transplant patientsInfections in travelers and tropical medicineInfections in children

This Program provides training in STD management through:

Didactic LecturesAttendance at STD Clinic

The Program has a didactic lecture course for fellows:


If yes, what is the average number of lectures provided over a two-year period?


Training is for:


Are there citizenship requirements?


Citizenship Requirements:

Types of visas accepted:

Number of fellows accepted each year:

2 - 3

Duration of the Fellowship (years):

2 - 4

The Program has a training grant (T32):


Average number of infectious diseases consults per trainee per year:


Number of Fellows completing the Program in the last 5 years:


Additional Training/Faculty Resources (optional):


Trainees in Infectious Diseases have opportunities to pursue related course work and research with faculty in the Departments of Microbiology and Immunology, Biochemistry, and Biophysics, Neurology, and Community and Preventive Medicine (Public Health).

Applications accepted via Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®)?


Timeframe when applications are accepted:

Timeframe when interviews are done

Richard C. Reichman MD

Richard C. Reichman


Robert F. Betts MD

Robert F. Betts

William Bonnez MD

William Bonnez

Susan E. Cohn MD, MPH

Susan E. Cohn

Lisa M. Demeter MD

Lisa M. Demeter

Ghinwa K. Dumyati MD

Ghinwa K. Dumyati

Ann R. Falsey MD

Ann R. Falsey

Steven M. Fine MD, PhD

Steven M. Fine

Paul S. Graman MD

Paul S. Graman

Michael C. Keefer MD

Michael C. Keefer

Amneris Luque MD

Amneris Luque

Richard C. Magmussen MD

Richard C. Magmussen

Peter R. Mariuz MD

Peter R. Mariuz

Robert C. Rose PhD

Robert C. Rose

Jacob J. Schlesinger MD

Jacob J. Schlesinger

Mark A. Shelly MD

Mark A. Shelly

John J. Treanor MD

John J. Treanor

Marguerite A. Urban MD

Marguerite A. Urban

Edward E. Walsh MD

Edward E. Walsh

Anson K. Wurapa MD

Anson K. Wurapa

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