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John F. Enders Lecture

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2022 Featured Lecturer

Sten H. Vermund, MD, PhD, FIDSA

Sten H. Vermund, MD, PhD, FIDSA, an infectious disease epidemiologist and pediatrician, served as the dean of the Yale School of Public Health from 2017-2022. His work has focused on diseases of resource-limited settings, including HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections including human papillomavirus, parasitic diseases and the novel coronavirus. A special interest is in interventional and implementation science in child health, especially to increase coverage and quality of services to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission. As with so many IDSA members in 2020, Dr. Vermund pivoted his work towards COVID-19 research and intervention, working with collaborators in China, the Dominican Republic and the U.S. on mask use policy, vaccine deployment and safety in schools, health care and arts organizations.

Prior leadership roles include serving as principal investigator of collaborative NIH networks, including the Adolescent Medicine HIV/AIDS Research Network, the NIH Prevention Trials Network, and the Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholars and Fellows Program. Dr. Vermund’s work in HIV-HPV interactions informed the change in the 1993 AIDS case definition from CDC to include cervical cancer, motivating cervical cancer screening within HIV clinics worldwide. Aside from his 1988-1994 stint as a branch chief at the NIH/NIAID under Dr. Anthony Fauci, his 40-plus year career has been university-based (Columbia, Einstein, UAB, Vanderbilt), including the establishment of two nongovernmental organizations: the Center for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia and Friends in Global Health (in Mozambique and in Nigeria). Dr. Vermund is a member of the National Academy of Medicine and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences.


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