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July 18, 2018


HHS Tickborne Disease Working Group Recommendations

At a recent meeting of the Department of Health and Human Services Tickborne Disease Working Group, the group reviewed and finalized recommendations on issues including epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of tickborne diseases. IDSA has provided written comments outlining the recommendations we believe would be beneficial to patients and physicians, as well as expressing our concern for some recommendations that could lead to substandard care.

IDSA supports the calls for increased surveillance of tick-borne illnesses, research and development of a Lyme disease vaccine, more robust prevention strategies, increased research funding for studies that will truly enhance our understanding of Lyme disease, and better diagnostics. IDSA is deeply concerned about recommendations that may lead to the over-diagnosis and over-treatment of Lyme disease. The Working Group was formed under a requirement included in a 2016 bill passed by Congress. The group’s next meeting is July 24, during which the group is expected to release the first draft of its report. IDSA will continue closely monitoring the working group’s activities and commenting as appropriate.

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