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October 17, 2018


We Want to Hear from You About Our Redesigned Websites

As part of the process of launching redesigned websites for IDSA and HIVMA, during IDWeek we hosted a web testing kiosk to preview the new site and obtain feedback. The objective was to identify major usability issues with the redesigned IDSA website and identify potential areas for improvement. Special thanks to all the individuals who stopped by and participated. Your feedback allows us to further enhance the user experience of our websites.

Among the feedback we received, users noted that the new site had significantly improved in terms of both visual design and overall usability, particularly on mobile platforms. Many members described the updates as “clear,” “clean,” “easy to use,” “informative,” and “visually pleasing.” Participants were easily able to locate the Journals as well as Membership pages on our homepage.

Guidelines were shown to be the most accessed area of the site, and members provided a lot of useful feedback on how to improve the guidelines experience. We currently are working towards including PDF links on all guidelines and adding the archived guidelines back into guidelines search. Many members were excited about the mobile experience for the guidelines and expressed interest in using an IDSA guidelines app.

We will be making ongoing improvements to better the user experience.  We welcome additional feedback from members and ask that you please send your thoughts and suggestions to Coran Jallah

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