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Clinical Teacher Award

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The Clinical Teacher Award honors a career involved in teaching clinical infectious diseases to fellows, residents or medical students and recognizes excellence as a clinician and motivation to teach the next generation.

2022 Winner: Raymund Razonable, MD, FIDSA


Raymund Razonable, MD, FIDSA, is a highly sought-after teacher and mentor at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. He has served as the primary mentor for more than 50 residents and infectious diseases fellows, who consider him to be authoritative yet nonjudgmental, kind and patient.

Dr. Razonable is a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science and a consultant in the Department of Internal Medicine’s Division of Infectious Diseases at Mayo Clinic.  He is also chair of the Community Infectious Diseases Practice and vice chair of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. Previously, Dr. Razonable served as program director of the Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program, chair of Transplant Infectious Diseases and chair of Faculty Development and Diversity.

The pediatric infectious diseases team counts on Dr. Razonable for advice in managing children who have developed invasive infections after bone marrow or solid organ transplantation. Dr. Razonable treats each patient with empathy and uses each case to provide learning points to fellows and residents.

Training and mentoring are the key focus of Dr. Razonable’s academic activities. The fellows and residents he has trained have authored or co-authored more than 150 articles. Fellows in the Mayo Clinic’s Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program who work with Dr. Razonable publish an average of seven peer-reviewed publications by graduation.

Dr. Razonable developed the Infectious Diseases Training Course for Mayo Clinic, and he is chair of Transplant Infectious Diseases Curriculum Development. His educational tweets have engaged thousands of medical students and residents and increased interest in and applications to Mayo Clinic’s Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program. Dr. Razonable’s mini videos, featured in national conferences, have also raised interest among medical students and residents in infectious diseases.

A fellow of IDSA and the American Society of Transplantation, Dr. Razonable has published more than 250 peer-reviewed articles and many book chapters. He co-authored the guidelines for management of herpes virus infections in transplant recipients. Dr. Razonable is a member of the IDSA Training Program Directors Executive Committee. He has served as the program committee chair for transplant infectious diseases at both IDWeek and the American Transplant Congress and was the program committee chair for COVID-19 for the American Transplant Congress.

His awards from Mayo Clinic include the Distinguished Mayo Clinician Award, the Department of Medicine Laureate Award and the COVID-19 Team Excellence Award. Also, Dr. Razonable received the Clinical Virology Award from the Pan-American Society for Clinical Virology.

IDSA is pleased to award Dr. Razonable a 2022 Clinical Teacher Award for his training and mentoring of infectious diseases specialists and his promotion of the specialty.


Past Clinical Teacher Award Winners


Carlos Isada, MD

2020 Stanford T. Shulman, M.D., FIDSA
2019 William L. Salzer, MD
2018 Allan R. Tunkel, MD, PhD, FIDSA
2018 Frank E. Berkowitz, MD, MPH
2017 Michael J. Barza, MD, FIDSA
2016 Rashida A. Khakoo, MD, MACP, FIDSA, FSHEA
2015   Walter R. Wilson, MD, FIDSA
2014   Nesli Basgoz, MD, FIDSA
2013 Marvin Turk, MD, FIDSA
2012 Carol A. Kauffman, MD, FIDSA
Sarah S. Long, MD, FIDSA
2011 Vincent J. Quagliarello, MD, FIDSA 
2010 Adolf W. Karchmer, MD, FIDSA
2009 Joshua Fierer, MD, FIDSA
2008 Larry M. Baddour, MD, FIDSA
2007 Daniel M. Musher, MD, FIDSA
2006 Hillar Vellend, MD, FIDSA
2005 John Fisher, MD, FACP



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